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I had such an amazing time

Shannon Gallen
Project: Hope Journey Childrens Hospital

Hi Toby!
Sorry haven’t got back to you sooner, been really busy with things. moved into my new house in Newcastle (:

really missing Cape Town and everyone. Planning to hopefully go to brazil in December to stay with Juliana!

I had such an amazing time, there’s nothing I could think of even slightly negative about my time over there. volunteer houseis such a lovely place and we all now think of it as our african home.

could you possibly to me a big favour? I was gutted as i wasn’t able to get those pictures printed I told you about for the mother of one of the babies. Do you think you would be able to print them for me and just drop them off at the hospital for me? I will attach them to this email. Would really appropriate it (:

3 weeks did go so quick! would love to come back next year. honestly the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. In love with Cape Town and met the most amazing people and made friends for life.

Thanks for making it all possible Toby!

Shannon x