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These days changed my life

Adna Reis
Project: Hope Journey Childrens Hospital

Hi toby, remember me?? How are you?? Sorry about the late to write to you.. I's organizing my life!! I want to say how wonderful was my days in cape town. I always do volunteer work but there was diferent. When I heard That I would be at Sandy (host Mum) I was afraid because my english isn't so good. But this woman had a lot of pacience and love. Thank you for this. At the hospital I loved, because I'm a doctor and I could work with more cares. But I'm very grateful to kids for the unconditional love. This days changed my life. I'm not be the change. I's changed. Thank you for the oportunity. And now I'm trying to adopt one kid from the Hospital!! Can you believe??

Thanks and congratulations for the work!!


Adna Reis