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Howzit from South Korea

Eric Michael
Project: Heart for Orphans Junior Noordhoek

Hello Toby.

This is Eric from S.Korea

howzit? am I right? the same meaning of how are you?

it feels like long time ago that I was in Kommeijtie for great great volunteering!!

Candi, Sidney and you helpled me and the other Korean students to live well. I really appreciate about that.

Actually I have some pictures which took the Ocean View guys with me.

so I'd like to send you so that they can see their pictures and remember the moment that we played together.

Now I'm in the reality of life. going to school, preparing for job and lots of study about my major biz.

anyway I always hope that your projekt goes well and have fun with that.

God Bless to you and your Projekt.

Say hello to Candi and Sid

sincerely Eric.

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