Love 2 Teach
Love 2 Teach was founded on the idea that “every good action creates another”.

Love 2 Teach main objectives to help these underprivileged learners with a conjunctive learning environment, to boost the morale of our learners, to encourage them to pass, to offer them a safe environment, to give them love and attention they need and to give hope to those who have lost hope.
If you join our team you will make a difference in the academic and social life of these learners.
We are based at a government School in the community of Hout Bay. We assist learners who come from Imizamo Yethu (IY) and Hangberg.

Volunteers work within the school in our Love 2 Teach classrooms in the morning and at our afterschool centre in the afternoon.

Love 2 Teach was founded 10 years ago as a bridging programme for only 7 students from the Primary school who were not coping with mainstream education. The organisation has grown in these years and now helping ± 450 learners which is more than a third of primary school through its five programs namely Bridging Programme, After-school Programme, Love of Reading Programme, One-on-One Support Programme and Career Guidance Programme.

Bridging Programme

The Bridging Programme is the heart of Love 2 Teach work and is staffed by four full-time teachers. The programme operates in school hours on the premises of the Primary School (government school), from three purpose-built Love 2 Teach classrooms.
This is to help children who have fallen behind in the key skills areas of English language, Afrikaans, and Mathematics to meet the required academic standards, build self-confidence and remain in school and committed to their education.

In the Bridging Programme learners are placed in class sizes no greater than 10. The curriculum is designed to work in tandem with the current school curriculum to get students brought up to their appropriate grade.
Volunteers assist the teachers as the need requires.

One –on – One Support
This programme targets the code 1s (these are students who perform below 20% mark). Such students cannot cope in the class (±50 students per class) and without receiving intervention they continue to fall behind thereby increasing the chances of dropping out of school. Love 2 Teach takes these students and help them to acquire fundamental skills of reading and writing on one on one basis.

Love of Reading
The programme is designed to help students who struggle to read properly, to develop a passion and culture of reading. Volunteers can assist either one or two learners at a time depending on the learners reading level and volunteer’s ability to handle learners as well. In the case that the learner does not know how to read at all they are taken individually and are taught sounds, until they reach a point where they can read properly. The programme is designed in an interesting way as a way to motivate learners to develop the passion and culture of reading.

Career Guidance
This programme was recently introduced and is being run at the Hout Bay High School. It is used as a tool to motivate and provide career guidance to upper grades. No volunteers participate in this programme
Sentinel Primary is located in a community that is characterised by alcohol and substance abuse, poverty and violence, because of such a scenario the school environment becomes a safer place for students when the school is finished. In an effort to provide a safe place for students, Love To Teach is engaged in afterschool programmes as a measure to keep pupils away from streets, abuse and violence. When school ends a group of students is then taken to do After school activities. This programme runs from 2.25 to 4.00pm. There are a number of activities that are done during the afterschool programmes, namely homework support, sport, educational games, art and craft. The students are given a sandwich, fruit and juice.
Your Role
Your role:
The mornings:
Bridging Program
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Assisting Class Teacher with the following duties:
• Settling learners as they come for their lessons.
• Giving learners their workbooks and stationery.
• Assist learners with their school work as per class teacher’s request.
• Assist teacher in general class management all the time.
• Ensure that learners get their Homework packs as they leave.
• Ensuring that learner’s return their workbooks and classroom aids when the lesson has finished.

The Mornings

Love of Reading Program
Monday and Thursday
• Teach learners how to read.
• Assist learners with reading.
• Recording the books the learners they read in the learner’s fold.
• Write a sentence or two commenting the learner’s performance and areas you have noticed that the learner need help with in the learner’s personal folder.
• Making sure learner’s folder is placed in the right slot at the end of each reading session.

The Mornings

One on One Program
Please note: this program can only be done with volunteers who come to help for at least 2 months as it requires training and to make a difference must at least assist the child for more than two months.
• Assist a learner on the basics of writing and reading on one on one basis as these learners need individual attention.
• Reinforce the sense of hope and success in the learner.
• Mentor the learners

The afternoon:

After-school Program
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

• Assist learners with their homework.
• Monitoring learners when playing on the computer or using any other educational games.
• Ensuring that the Afterschool centre is left in perfect order
• Ensuring that all the puzzle pieces and any other educational games are returned.
• Assist the Volunteer coordinator in preparing a snack for the learners.
• Help teach a sport, or some other passion you have

Our Volunteers are welcome to help us do any administrative duties as well if they have the expertise as below:

• Help us keep our website up to date
• Help us improve our marketing
• Run a fundraising event for us
• Offer your professional services (Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Remedial Teachers, Dieticians, etc)

Please note:
1. Volunteers may never use physical punishment or degrading remarks to discipline any child
2. Volunteers should treat all children equally i.e. no favoritism
3. Volunteers should always liaise with class teacher before planning something different to existing program
4. Volunteers to liaise with the Volunteer coordinator or Project Coordinator should any problem whatsoever arise
5. Working hours are Mondays to Thursday from 8.30am to 16.00pm Friday 8.30 to 12.30. Please bring your own snacks or food.
Is the work dangerous?
Is there a potential risk?
*Generally, HIV/AIDS is extremely prevalent in the South Africa so it is your personal responsibility to take care with regards to health and safety, as well as sexual relationships.
Dates and Duration
Arrival every Thursday for FREE 3 Day Orientation
Start date every Monday except during South African School Holidays

South African School Holidays 2019, project closed:

9 December - 8 January 2019
15 March - 2 April 2019
14 June - 9 July 2019
20 September - 1 October 2019
6 December - 15 January 2020

South African School Holidays 2020, project closed

23 March - 1 April 2020
15 June - 8 July 2020
21 September - 30 September 2020
7 December - 13 January 2021
2 Weeks
Love 2 Teach Highlights
• Counterbalanced the devastating impact of the reality that there are too few teachers and too many students, resulting in severely overcrowded classes where there is no capacity to help struggling learners to keep up with standards.
• Assisted children in grades 1 - 5 (age groups 6 - 12) who have fallen behind to keep up with the class in English, Afrikaans and Maths.
• In small classes (not more than 10 students) brought children up to their grade level according to the school’s prevailing curriculum.
• Helped them to enjoy learning again so that they do not drop out of school and fall prey to drugs, violence, prostitution, substance abuse and crime.
• Created a supportive environment with one-on-one instruction, reading sessions, sport and social activities
• Motivated the students to pass end-of-year exams in grades 7, 8 & 9 so that they qualify for training in well run trade schools and learn a practical trade or profession.
• Provided children with books, learning material and aids in order to encourage a reading and learning culture in families who often do not have a single reading book at home.
• Organized after-school activities in order to integrate them with their peers socially, in sports and in academic pursuits.

Why it is worthy Love 2 Teach?

• You make a huge difference in empowering young children through education
• Encouraging love of learning and education
• It’s you own empowerment and self-development
• You get a chance to meet people, learn about other cultures, gain an understanding of the challenges facing the majority of South African youth
Minimum Age:
Police clearance:
Special skills required:
• Read, write and speak English
• Patience, tolerance and respect towards children
• Agility and energy to engage in physical child play
• Willingness to work closely with teacher – remembering that the teacher is in charge and the volunteer is assisting her. The teacher is ultimately responsible for the children in her care.
• Stress-resilience
Language requirement:
Basic English
What's included:
• Thursday arrival transfer from Cape Town/ Airport to accommodation.
• Sunday departurture transfer from accommodation to Cape Town/ Airport
Friday Cape Town city walking tour which covers South Africa history, social skills, transport, safety and projects, Transport and Lunch included.
Saturday Cape Penisular tour. Explore the beauty that is Hout bay, the famous chapmans peak drive, Cape point nature reserve and hang out with the african penguins on bolders beach. Transprt and Lunch included.
•All paperwork, placement and liaising with Volunteer Program
•Appointed co-ordinators for duration of program
•Accommodation: volunteer house/ host family. Volunteer house
•Two meals a day - Breakfast and Dinner
•Donation per month to the Volunteer Project, to assist in their funding.
•A South African sim card that works on a pay-as-you-go top up system
• Bi weekly socials for volunteers to get together and meet other volunteers
•Certificate & Report on Volunteer`s Program should this be required for studies or other purposes upon completion of questionaire
- FREE 2 Hour Surf Lesson
What's excluded:
- Medical Insurance which must include work, emergency evacuation. Please make sure you understand how your medical insurance works in South
Africa as You2Africa will be unable to pay for any doctors accounts or the like in lieu of being refunded by the medical scheme
- Weekend excursions
- Local Transport for social activities
- Catered meals
- Use of Phone: Landline or Mobile costs
- Towels and Toiletries
- Accommodation if you arrive before start date or after project end
- Transport to accommodation if you arrive before start date or leave after project end
Closest town:
Cape Town
Surrounding area:
Hout Bay
Provided to and from project
Hout Bay Volunteer House
Set in the beautiful Hout Bay!

A quiet and comfortable House in the valley of Hout Bay. Just 20 minutes from Cape Town, and easily accessible by public transport.

The House is conveniently located close to the beach and shopping centre, where a variety of activities are offered. These include: Surfing, fishing, diving, sailing, sea kayaking, hiking trails, top restaurants, wine and township tours, and if that's not enough there's loads of live entertainment!

Rooms sleep 2-4 with shared full bathrooms

Communal living area, dining room and kitchen
Good wholesome fresh meals cooked daily by our You2Africa chef who provides a great cereal breakfast and tasty delicious dinners with weekly menus to suit all culinary tastes.

Lunches are for the volunteers own account and should be taken and eaten at the volunteer project.