Making Waves – Surf Project

    Improve surf skills whilst changing young lives forever
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    Duration: Min 2 weeks
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    Learn to surf whilst making positive waves in a Cape Town children's community.

    Making waves is a community development surf project with a clear vision and a passion for the future. Our goal is to be a most effective community-based not-for-profit project that provides wholistic support to impoverished youth and youth at risk to make what would otherwise have seemed impossible, (based on family backgrounds and financial circumstances), possible!

    There is a major lack of recreational activities, mentorship and guidance in our communities (& especially the impoverished ones) that can support and direct young people in realising their talents and living out their most promising destinies.

    To transform our community, see individuals reach their full potential, activate their calling & send them forth as leaders into society.

    Through mentoring, coaching & training, individuals will be equipped with skills that will enhance self- worth & create opportunities for complete social integration. By creating visibility & enhancing public - private partnerships, we will ensure a safe community for all.

    Purpose Statement:-
    We are a community project aimed at equipping the individual with sets of skills enabling him/her to become a success. It imparts to the individual the wisdom required for quality decision making and forward progression. The individual is guided through practical steps to fulfil his/her vision, achieve their goals and fulfil their destiny.
    For young people to not just know who they are, but also what they can become, they need acceptance, affirmation, strong positive role models and adventure.
    Making Waves is specifically designed for the young people of Strandfontein, Bayview, San Remo and the informal settlement known as 7 de Laan.

    Through surfing, mentoring, coaching and imparting life skills, individuals are equipped with skills that will promote their self-esteem, develop their talents and create opportunities for complete social participation and enhancement.
    Your role:
    1. Changing individual’s mindset, attitude and ways of decision-making through recreational sports such as surfing.
    2. Spending quality time with and affirming individuals; helping them to feel loved and achieve a sense of self-worth
    3. Expanding horizons in Arts and Culture through field trips and outing to places with a rich heritage.
    4. Preventing/ changing destructive life style habits through sharing life-skills and principles which produce lasting, valuable character.
    5. Promoting the values of a good education and assisting achievement in this area.
    6. Career development and employment opportunities through education, internships and training.

    Weekly programme:-
    Monday Clubhouse Maintenance/Upkeep. Outreach program,
    Tuesday. Surf Lessons mornings. Afternoons Educational lessons/Tutoring/homework assignments
    Wednesday. School empowerment sessions. Workshop & Leadership sessions
    Thursday. Surf lessons mornings. Afternoons Educational Lessons/Tutoring Homework assignments/Computer training/Reading program.
    Friday. Afternoons Life skills, Water fitness training surfing with kids.
    Saturday. Project life skills. Lifeguard training & surfing. project ends 2pm
    Sunday Day off

    Educational Support Programme
    - Educational assistance with the students – Grades 4 – 6 (revision, tutoring, daily homework support)
    - Assistance with the students reading program at the community library
    - Planning of weekly lifeskills lessons and activities
    - Attending weekly parent meetings and assisting with family social development

    Surfing Programme
    Supervising of the students surfing lessons
    - Assign wetsuits and surfboards –Make sure all the wetsuits and surfboards are in good condition and that all the surfboards have leashes. Surfboards should be assigned according to size and level of experience.
    - Assess surf conditions / wave size and strength / wind direction and rip currents.
    - Setting up the demarcated surf area with flags and having the medical kit setup on the beach
    - Participation and setup of fitness circuit
    - Assisting with club house duties and supervising to see that the students have completed their duties.

    Community Events/Programme
    - Planning of holiday programme activities
    - Participating/supervising during holiday programmes
    - Exhibition setup and marketing for participation in community events
    - Planning of Annual Community Family Surf Day supervised by Operations Director
    Is the work dangerous?
    Is there a potential risk?
    *Generally, HIV/AIDS is extremely prevalent in the South Africa so it is your personal responsibility to take care with regards to health and safety, as well as sexual relationships.
    Arrival every Thursday for FREE 3 Day Orientation
    Start date every Monday except during South African School Holidays

    South African School Holidays 2016:
    18 March - 05 April 2016
    24 June - 18 July 2016
    30 September - 10 October 2016
    07 December - 18 January 2017

    South African School Holidays 2017:

    Term 1 : 1 April – 17 April
    Term 2 : 1 July – 23 July (Project will be closed for Mid Year break for the entire month of July)
    Term 3 : 30 September – 8 October
    Term 4 : 6 December – 16 January 2018 (Project closes 12 December 2017 and reopens 17 January 2018)

    *The Project is closed over Easter Weekend 14 – 17 April 2017 & Every Public Holiday
    *During School Holidays on Project days (Tuesday – Saturday), Projects runs from 9am – 2pm
    *Please Note: After Term 1 & Term 3 School Holidays when the children either return back to School on the Monday or Tuesday that the Project will be closed for 6 days (That entire week) Volunteers will be advised in these 6 days if they will be needed to do specific projects are not)

    However, if there are holiday camps running, there will be work during the above holiday periods
    Min 2 weeks
    Additional per week:
    7956 ZAR
    - Being a role model both in speech and conduct
    - Guidance through mentorship
    - Going the distance with the youth for complete social integration
    - Participating in grass roots dynamics and social engagement
    Minimum age:
    Police clearance:
    Special skills required:
    - Ability to swim
    Language requirement:
    Basic English. A volunteer needs to be able to communicate with both the staff and children.
    What's included:
    - Airport Transfers
    - CAPE TOWN ORIENTATION: 3 nights accommodation, orientation that covers everything the volunteers need to know about staying in South Africa (from
    social skills to transport and safety), two meals per day, bus trip into town, lunch (on the Friday), walking tour of the city, a train ride back to there accommodation
    . Full day peninsula tour.
    - All paperwork, placement and liaising with Volunteer Program
    - Appointed Supervisor for duration of program
    - Accommodation
    - Two meals a day - Breakfast and Dinner
    - Donation per month to the Volunteer Project, to assist in their funding.
    - A South African sim card that works on a pay-as-you-go top up system
    - Monthly socials for volunteers to get together and meet other volunteers (cost depends on social)
    - Certificate & Report on Volunteer`s Program should this be required for studies or other purposes
    What's excluded:
    - The cost of a visa in the case of your volunteer stay being longer than 90 days
    - Medical Insurance which must include work, emergency evacuation. Please make sure you understand how your medical insurance works in South Africa
    as you will be unable to pay for any doctors accounts or the like in lieu of being refunded by the medical scheme
    - Weekend excursions
    - Local Transport for social activities
    - Lunches (not provided by host family)
    - Use of Phone: Landline or Mobile costs
    - Towels and Toiletries
    - Accommodation if you arrive before start date or after project end
    - Transport to accommodation if you arrive before start date or leave after project end
    Closest town:
    Muizenburg Cape Town
    Surrounding area:
    Cape Town
    FREE Transport to/from project Monday - Friday
    Muizenburg Volunteer House
    Volunteer House - shared rooms between 3 - 4 volunteers
    - Communal lounge and Kitchen
    Good wholesome fresh meals cooked daily by our You2Africa chef who provides a great cereal breakfast and tasty delicious dinners with weekly menus to suit all culinary tastes.

    Lunches are for the volunteers own account and should be taken and eaten at the volunteer project.

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