Volunteer & Student Stories

Stories from the heart by YOU……  'You must talk to Africa so that Africa can talk to you'

On month in Cape Town with Football and Childrens Hospital project was AWESOME !

Leonie Griesel
Project: Streetwise Soccer & Hope Journey Childrens Hospital
I've been for a week in Germany now and I already miss Cape Town so much that I'm absolutely sure to go back some time! During the last month I worked half of the time in a soccer project. Together with other coaches I went to different schools around Cape Town to coach the kids basic rules ...

Howzit from South Korea

Eric Michael
Project: Heart for Orphans Junior Noordhoek
Hello Toby. This is Eric from S.Korea howzit? am I right? the same meaning of how are you? it feels like long time ago that I was in Kommeijtie for great great volunteering!! Candi, Sidney and you helpled me and the other Korean students to live well. I really appreciate about that. Actually I have ...

It was indescribable

Doris Wolf
Project: Heart for Orphans Junior Noordhoek
Thank You is not enough what I want to say.  And also I cant find words for the last 3 weeks. It was indescribable. I came here to help South Africa and the people, but they helped me. Before I came here I thought, that I knew a lot about me but this adventure, mostly you gave me the chance to ...

A true adventure that I will never forget

Amalie Aggergaad
Project: Heart for Orphans Junior Noordhoek
Dear Candi & Sidney, First of all I want to thank you so much for having me here with your lovely family. My time here in Kommetjie has been a true adventure that I will never forget – thanks to you ! Thanks for taking such good care of me and letting me experience so many things and intro ...

12 months ago I was in Cape Town. ahhh I miss you all.

Hugo Richardet
Project: Heart for Orphans Senior
Hello (Aweh) Toby,   It's Hugo, I was in African Heart on July 2012, doing a volunteering program at the Observatory School, or at Athlone. I write you firstly to take news of all the childrens on the orphan age, and also of you. ๐Ÿ™‚   Because, it's now one year ago, that i was in ...

These days changed my life

Adna Reis
Project: Hope Journey Childrens Hospital
Hi toby, remember me?? How are you?? Sorry about the late to write to you.. I's organizing my life!! I want to say how wonderful was my days in cape town. I always do volunteer work but there was diferent. When I heard That I would be at Sandy (host Mum) I was afraid because my english isn& ...

I had such an amazing time

Shannon Gallen
Project: Hope Journey Childrens Hospital
Hi Toby! Sorry haven’t got back to you sooner, been really busy with things. moved into my new house in Newcastle (: really missing Cape Town and everyone. Planning to hopefully go to brazil in December to stay with Juliana! I had such an amazing time, there’s nothing I could think of ev ...

I already miss Cape Town! And my kids, of course!

Marinila Machado
Project: Hope Journey Childrens Hospital
Hey You2Africa! ๐Ÿ˜€ I told my parents that I want to go back! In the first week I arrived, i felt a lot of miss of children, I was sad and I cried! But I’m better now…I did a good thing for all the kids… You will come to the World Cup in Brazil? That’s cool! Wiil be so nice! ...

Amazing time in South Africa

Nina Gerhartz
Project: Enabling Disabled Children
Hey You2Africa Thank you for the amazing time in South Africa. I really want to come back :). The volunteer house was really good, the staff were so friendly and did a great Job. Every time when we had a problem they were there for us. You booked our trips and gave us advices what we could do on our ...