High school exchange in Cape Town

What better way to learn about a culture!  Our students study at wide range of Cape Town high schools,live with South African families
and make South African friends during their stay. This is the perfect chance to get to know a different culture, improve your English,
and to explore, learn and grow with YOU2AFRICA’s support.



YOU2AFRICA’s High School program is suited to high school students aged 15 to 18 years old who would like to experience South Africa’s many cultures as an insider rather than as a tourist. Our traditional program offers a high school programs for 3 months, a semester (6 months) or an academic year. In addition to this we offer high school immersion programs combining high school with volunteering for tailor made periods of time.

To guarantee our students are properly prepared for living in Africa we work through selected partners worldwide that have a focus on ensuring that students understand the complexities of living in Africa.  Our partners provide pre-trip orientations and support the students and their natural parents. Before students are accepted onto the high school program our partners do an in-depth interview with each applicant to assess their maturity and ability to adapt to a foreign culture.  If deemed suitable the prospective student then completes a detailed application packet which is submitted for acceptance to YOU2AFICA.




It is very important that the natural family of the student understands exactly how YOU2AFRICA’s student exchange program operates before the student leaves home ground and understands that YOU2AFRICA assumes responsibility of the student while in Cape Town.  YOU2AFRICA students are welcomed at schools around Cape Town because of the program rules we operate by.  Before departing the student and natural family sign a contract which explains operation rules and procedures.



YOU2AFRICA and our partners provide the necessary documentation to assist students in applying for their student visas. Some of our partners assist with the arrangement of flights and travel insurance as well. All our partners provide the necessary support during the process of applying for s student visa.



Warm and caring host families make our program successful!  YOU2AFRICA interviews each host family thoroughly, making sure they will be welcoming to a young person who is far from home. Our families are generally lower, middle-income Cape Town families, from a broad spectrum of different cultures ensuring each exchange student has a uniquely South African experience.  Departures are always heartfelt and sad as the students truly become a family member of the host family. What a great way to experience a different lifestyle and make friends for life!


IMG_0541Upon arrival at Cape Town airport students meet their host family in person as well as a YOU2AFRICA representative.  Before starting school students participate in a 3-day introduction to life in South Africa which is also a fantastic opportunity to meet and make friends with other exchange students from other countries.  During the orientation the students are taken slowly through South African culture and given tips on how to cope away from home, as well as living and going to a school in a foreign country.  The students will also experience South Africa food and one of the many tourist attractions Cape Town has to offer.

To foster a sense of belonging once a month YOU2AFRICA takes all exchange students on an outing to enjoy all the tourist sites as well as some unique experiences like visiting a township, hiking on Table Mountain or doing voluntary work.  It is a great time to reconnect with the other exchange students and to experience different parts of Cape Town.

Be more than just a high school student!  YOU2AFRICA encourages our students to volunteer at projects in their communities or get involved in outreach programs through their school.  What better way to experience South Africa than by attending a diverse school and giving of your time to help those in need.



We provide much valued support to the students for the duration of their stay in Cape Town by staying touch by phone, text, or email.  YOU2AFRICA also stays in touch with our host families and schools to ensure we have a well-rounded idea of each student’s life in Cape Town.



YOU2AFRICA also offers optional chaperoned tours during the school holidays.  Our two most popular are the Garden Route Tour which includes a magical, adrenalin packed tour up the east coast of South Africa visiting many beautiful beaches and maybe a bungi jump (if you are brave enough), and the Kalahari Tour where you can encounter the wonders of the great outdoors and view many wild animals as well as meet a Bushman!  Both are trips of a lifetime!


YOU2AFRICA welcomes the world to AFRICA!