How You2Africa works for you

You2africa is exactly what the name implies – we do all we can to bring You 2 Africa.

Because when you arrive you wont want to leave.

Bringing You2Africa engages you with responsible & sustainable tourism.


We passionately believe that international cultural exchanges like volunteering & High School Exchange help to build bridges of understanding and peace between nations, and establish life-long friendships all across the world. Our overriding aim in any program we run is that You our participants should not be tourists, but cultural participants and ambassadors building bridges of cultural understanding, friendship and most of all creating positive change through your skills and experience.

We value honesty, transparency and a have heartfelt belief in what we do. After years of experience we know that you need to know what to expect before you get here, and we understand what your needs are when you are here. Once you have chosen your project and decided on your dates, we will forward you confirmation that will include all the practical details – who will collect you at the airport , where you will be staying etc.

When you arrive at the airport you will be met and, driven to your accommodation to settle in. For all Cape Town projects you get a full free day orientation to the wonderful mother City (normally on a Friday), this includes getting further information about your role, what is expected of you, a full practical guide to the city – where we take you around for the day, and includes a local SIM card so you can stay in touch, a full orientation into public transport, exploring some areas of the city and a great day of discovery and fun.

Your accommodation, food and transport to and from your project (if applicable) will be sorted, leaving you free to concentrate on the wonderful work you will do with our projects and, in your free time, exploring and having fun. We have a support team available to help you settle in, answer your questions and help you book tours and activities with our partners at reduced rates. Volunteer socials are organized on a regular basis for some down-time fun.

A HAPPY person is a productive and positive person.

We need HAPPY people like you.

Be the change