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Hosting means sharing your home, culture and hospitality with a foreign student.  It does not take a family of high-achievers or “mother of the year” to host a foreign exchange student.  The ability to nurture, care for and accommodate a budding student is at the heart of hosting an exchange student.  An ideal host family is able to do the following:

ü  Provide an well balanced environment conducive to study and sleep

ü  Provide a separate bed, which can be in a shared room with a host sibling of similar age and same gender

ü  Provide a quiet place to study

ü  Provide meals for the student

ü  Assist with transportation to school

ü  Be flexible and open minded

ü  Treat the student as a member of the family, which may include household rules, responsibilities and privileges.


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Who can Host?

All types of families can host.  There is no perfect family configuration or typical host family.  Families can have small children, no children or teenagers.  Single parents and adults are also able to host.

Are host families paid?

Host families are paid a small stipend that helps offsets the costs of hosting.  Hosting is about cultural exchange and is definitely not money making opportunity.

What does the host family pay for?

The host family provides three meals a day, the student with their own bed and provides the care a young person needs away from home. The student pays for their personal expenses such as toiletries, phone, transport to school and entertainment.  The student pays for their school uniform and books and You2Africa pays the school fees.

What about medical insurance?

The students take out medical cover in their home country and are covered for the duration of their stay.

Who places the student in a school?

Prior to the students arrival You2Africa finds a suitable school placement for the student.


How long do the students stay?

Students stay 3 -12 months and will attend a public or private school close to the host family’s home.

Can I host more than one student?

Yes, a family can host more than one student but not students of the same nationality.  This ensures English is spoken at all times.

What if there are problems?

You2Africa has a team of support workers who will be there if problems arise.  Should a placement not work out You2Africa will make the necessary arrangements once the situation has been assessed.

Does You2Africa have rules for the students?

Yes, You2Africa has a set of program rules that the student agrees to abide by for the duration of their time on the program.   The student signs agreement to these rules before departing to South Africa.