Look fear in the eye’s and bare witness to its beauty. This unique volunteer opportunity will get you up close and personal with the often misunderstood Great White Shark.
from EUR 2000
Duration: Min 2 weeks
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    Volunteers assist with research of sharks, studying their habits, as well as hosting travelers who want to go shark cage diving. The Shark-cage-diving finances much needed research into habits and breeding patterns of these graceful giants, as well as educating people to respect rather than fear sharks in their natural habitat. This action-packed volunteer experience is sure to change your view on sharks forever.

    Sharks are intelligent and vulnerable, deserving of sympathy and respect. Education helps people to lose the `Jaws phenomenon and gain the realisation that sharks are a complex and precious species, living in the water – just doing their best to survive.

    This Project is dedicated to the exploration & conservation of the Great White Shark & it`s environment. The project works with students, eco-tourists, scientists, conservation organizations & marine resource users to gather data on Great White Sharks, correct negative misconception and stop the needless slaughter of over 100 million sharks annually. `Everything we do, we aim to do in harmony with nature and the environment we are working in.” - Project Manager
    Your role:
    You`ll receive training in White Shark biology, research, behaviour, conservation, changing attitudes, shark attacks, basic seamanship(includes anchoring positions, wind directions, underwater filming, still photography and shark tourism

    Weather permitting you will go to sea frequently. At sea, you`ll get involved as much as possible with all aspects of sea work. This will be focused on working with the sharks from above and below the water. Much emphasis will be placed on observing behaviour and the interactions of sharks around the boat. You will be taught how to get in and out of the cage and how to remain secure and safe in the cage. Participants in the cages will record observations of the White Sharks. This will include sex, size, markings and behaviour.

    This training is designed to educate you to a level of competence of a field assistant. During the training, you will be evaluated on how you handle teamwork, take your own initiatives, take interest in the work and activities, show interest in learning.
    Is the work dangerous?
    Is there a potential risk?
    You will be working on a boat out in the open ocean. Please supply a parental consent letter if under 21 years.
    Arrivals every Thursday

    The first 3 days are spent in Cape Town for orientation and the you will then move to the project on Sunday

    Departure every Sunday
    Min 2 weeks
    Additional per week:
    Get up close to one of the oceans most magnificent creatures
    Understanding great white sharks in their natural setting
    Gaining experience on the open sea
    Encounters with other sea creatures
    Minimum age:
    Police clearance:
    Special skills required:
    `Sea legs`!
    A student of marine biology is a bonus.
    Interest in sea life
    Language requirement:
    Intermediate English
    What's included:
    Transfer to Gansbaai
    - Welcome and induction by team leader

    Daily lectures on:
    o Basic seamanship (includes anchoring positions, wind directions, currents)
    o Cage diving procedures (procedures in the cage with and without regulator)
    o Basic shark biology
    o Shark behaviour
    o Research & conservation
    o Shark attacks
    o How to film white sharks
    o Boat and cage inspection
    o Participation in data recording and weekly collation
    o On bad weather days, local excursions could include Cape Aghulhas, Hermanus, Betty`s Bay, and the Birkenhead
    o Weather permitting, you will go kelp snorkeling near Dyer Island
    o You edit your own video-diary
    o On certain days, the boat is chartered exclusively for you
    You receive
    + Two volunteer T-shirts
    + Our Shark Project cap
    + Your welcoming pack
    What's excluded:
    - Dinner
    - Laundry
    - Extra activities
    Closest town:
    Surrounding area:
    You can walk around the town it is sooooo small!
    Shark Den
    - You will be sharing a house with other volunteers in Gansbaai:
    The house is fully equipped with cooking facilites, inside braai area and all utilities. The house is dedicated to volunteers, and has 4 bedrooms with 2 beds in each.

    Gansbaai is renowned for its sharks and not it`s night-life! Gansbaai is a very small rural town, while you will find all essentials there, Internet Café`s, Post Office, a few pubs, it does not offer much entertainment wise, so be prepared to spend evenings quietly.

    - Laundry services:
    We have arranged with the Local Laundry to pick up your laundry at a pre-arranged time, wash and iron it for R12 per kg. If you want to make use of this, speak to Liz at the Lodge. This is only your personal laundry, we will wash bedding etc.

    - Internet:
    We have internet access for your convenience at the Lodge – you can ask Liz what computer you are allowed to use. Be considerate with your time on the PC, as it is there for the use of all volunteers and crew.

    - Neatness In the House :
    You will be responsible for keeping your room clean, and as a combined effort the rest of the house. A cleaning lady will come in twice a week to do a thorough clean-up, but we do request that you do your part in making the atmosphere as neat as possible.
    - Breakfast
    - Packed lunch on sea days, tea and scones on sea days.
    - Dinner not included
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